We envision a future that puts us in the lead role in this dynamic Maharashtra steel industry and amongst the top key steel players. At Shree Om, we not only dream big, but achieve bigger. We are always adding more value to our products and services through innovations.

We at Shree Om have a firm grip on the present and a sharp eye on the future. Our foremost priority is pioneering the products market with best quality and price offerings, along with attainment of highest level of customer satisfaction. With this vision about to become a reality, we are steadily marching towards an even brighter future. The values and culture at Shree Om will stand tall to ensure a thriving working environment that is safe, healthy and clean.

Our products:

1. TMT BARS:  X-BAR AND 3X-BAR – INNOVATING THE FUTURE OF CONSTRUXION Our latest innovations are all set to revolutionize the construction industry. They come with a unique X-ribbed pattern that delivers high bonding strength, making your construction safe and sturdy.

2. CUT ‘n’ BENT: Every structure is unique and requires bars of different shapes and sizes that best meet its needs. This means labourers have to cut and bend bars on-site, which leads to an unnecessary increase in cost. It also creates internal fractures in the bar, thereby reducing its overall strength. Shree Om Cut ‘N’ Bent bars completely eliminate this problem. 

3. SUPER RINGS SRJ PEETY : Group is the first in Maharashtra to introduce 6 mm Torkari product in Maharashtra highlight it on page 6 mm product. Super Rings – The backbone of your pillar . The added support of Stirrups play a crucial rule in holding your main rebars in place, in the event of calamities such as earthquakes. 

4. 6 MM REBARS :SRJ PEETY group is the first in Maharashtra to introduce 6 mm Torkari product in Maharashtra highlight it on page 6 mm product.Recognising the need for a customised solution, Shree OM developed the concept of ready to use steel through Cut ’n’ Bent bars. Shree OM’s captive plant, Shashwati Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is the first in Maharashtra, and second in India, to manufacture pre-cut and pre-bent steel rebars exclusively.