We are a manufacturer of specialized spun, cast rolls. We believe in continuously improving our solutions to improve the production levels at your end. We are in the field of manufacturing  products since 1962. Ability to design and all types of job is our strength. We are a group of qualified and experienced engineers. 

We use the European technique for manufacturing rolls i.e. Spun Cast process to cast high performing finishing and continuous stand rolls.
The rolls for rolling mills are manufactured by two different techniques i.e. depending upon the application, rolls are either static cast or centrifugal cast.
Specifications of the Rolls

  • Forging material EN 8, EN9, EN19, EN24, EN42, or any other material

  • Alloy Steel Low carbon rolls to provide adequate strength

  • Adamite Added alloys to increase production

  • SG Pearlite Treated cast iron material to increase roll life

  • DPIC 3.0 Highly alloyed chill material to increase wear resistance

  • Enhanced DPIC High hardness material for improved polish on product

  • SG acicular Alloyed SG material used in continuous stand