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Beginning in the year of 1979 , we started with the industry of propeller shaft.  Coming from the manufacturing unit of HM Engineering works, it was, what formed the base of one of the most popular vehicles of that time, Hindustan Ambassador. The vehicle is popular till date, was manufactured by Hindustan Motors of India from 1958 to 2014.

It then began with an all India supply of our parts. Another critical moment came with our tie up with, yet another Mahindra Jeep and mud shafts.

Following the expansion, we expanded into one of the major streams of this nation called India. We followed the suit into Indian Railways! Taking on from there, we never saw an end and captured the industry.

Capturing all the terrains, we even got a water-mass approach with system of particles and contributions in steamers!

We are dealing in the Cardan Shaft and its  Components


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